Micronav Dev Kit

Before initiating the design and production of a customized Micronav, we encourage our customers and partners to verify software, hardware, and business requirements by purchasing one or more Micronav Dev kits.

The Micronav Dev kit consists of a standardized Micronav accompanied by our technical support, making it possible to evaluate your needs and make sure that your requirements have or can be met by our solution. The Dev kit comes with a Panasonic Toughpad, Microsoft Windows, and standard engraving, but with the ability to attach your desired hardware modules and install your software applications. If custom software needs to be developed, we can assist with sample code developed in Java and other languages by request.

The Micronav is combined with the Panasonic Toughpad, incorporating an 800cd/m² IPSα display. The capacitive 10-finger multi-touch display and digitizer pen makes it extremely user-friendly. The Aeronav runs on Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8, or Ubuntu and is equipped with the Intel® Core™ i5 Processor. It also benefits from connectivity options to ensure data is available to the user whenever needed.





An effective process gets you from vision to a complete customized ground control solution

Experience gained from delivering custom robotics solutions for more than 10 years and in-house development and production enables us to provide a streamlined process getting you from your vision to a final custom-tailored control station for your robotics solution.



Tablet Peripherals:   Micronav Peripherals:  
  Wifi *   HID
  Bluetooth *   2xUSB connectors
  3G, 4G, LTE *   PPM through topconnector *
  USB connector **   SBUS through topconnector *
   RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet  **    
Accessories:   Micronav Human Interface:  
  Harness   Left Thumb: OTTO Hall-effect, Castle style joystick IP68S
  Extended Battery *   Right Thumb: OTTO Hall-effect, Castle style joystick IP68S
      Left Index finger: None
      Right Index finger: Alps Momentary switch IP69
      Left side top panel:
      A1: APEM Momentary Pushbutton with sealboot
      A2: APEM MON-ON Toggle switch
      A3: APEM ON-OFF-ON Toggle switch
      Right side top panel:
      C1: APEM ON-ON Toggle switch
      C2: APEM SAFETY ON-ON Toggle switch
      C3: APEM MON-OFF-ON Toggle switch
      *) Optional (might increase leadtime)
      **) Optional (might increase leadtime)
+ RJ45 and USB is not possible at the same time.