The binding function stores the TX signal unique ID code and PPM frame rate and number of servos into the receiver; this must be done every time the number of servos is changed on the RC unit. (or another RC with PPM system)

The binding process is the same on Tx700Lite.

To bind:

  1. Power off, Tx and Rx.
  2. Hold down bind button on Tx.
  3. Power up the Tx, (we assume right plane memory is recalled on your RC unit).
  4. Power up receiver, make sure both antennas are connected and within 20 meter / 65 feet distance.
  5. Wait 1-2 sec, see the RX LEDs go from lit into fast blink mode.
  6. Power off Tx (Rx is still on).
  7. Power on Tx (Rx is still on).
  8. Test all servo functions on plane works and have ultra fast and smooth response.
  9. With TX on, try to power OFF and ON the Rx and prove it lock to the Tx very fast after power on.

Instruction video on how to bind and store failsafe -

If you use external battery for the LRS TX, then the binding procedure is a little bit different, leave the RC unit on ALL the time and connected to the LRS TX, the power on/off to the TX as mentioned in the binding procedure is only the LRS TX, now it will work, the binding mode is only activated when button is held down while power to the LRS TX is applied.