The Head tracker input must be 6 channels PPM. It accepts positive or negative polarization, variable or fixed frame rate auto detect and auto handle. Channel 5 and 6 are the two HT (PAN/TILT) signals. They are added after the used MAIN-PPM channels. In case the main PPM signal got 12channels in it, there are no free channels to use. Then the two HT signals will be merged into channel 10 and 11, leaving channel 12 free to use for the main PPM. The reason for this is easy to understand, look at the receivers: the channel 12 connector can be either PPM out or servo channel 12 out, the different output mode is configured on the RX, in case you need PPM out and use a HT at the same time, you need off course the HT signals to be on ch. 10-11 where normal servo connectors exist.

Go to: "Input/Output connectors" to see how to connect the head tracker.

Compatible Head trackers

The Fat Shark, M.I.G. Tracker, Magnetic Inertial Gyro
Or any other type with the required signals, see Head Tracker section above.

Go to: "Input/Output connectores" to see how to connect the head tracker.