TX700 PRO is a performance transmitter designed to achieve maximum range in combination with our receivers.

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The TX700 is a professional transmitter with the ability to offer 500 mW, 1W, or 2W output to secure your range and signal. The TX700 Pro has, for many years, been the favorite transmitter for safe and reliable operations within rescue missions, space, or near-space operations. The transmitter benefits from a digitally encrypted ID code, sequential failsafe, and frequency hopping to secure your operations.


  • Supports fixed/variable PPM input
  • Futaba input, all up to 12 channels
  • Head tracker input
  • AUX input (for option boards)
  • Option board port
  • Output power switch
  • Firmware update port
  • Status LED
  • Military standard input plugs with screw protection

Technical details:


  • Supply voltage 5-25V for 500mW power
  • Supply voltage 6-25V for 500mW-1000mW-2000mW power
  • Supply power usage is three times the transmit power.
  • Supply current at 20V (500mW x 3 = 1.5W / 20V = 0.075 Ampere)
  • Supply current at 10V (500mW x 3 = 1.5W / 10V = 0.15 Ampere)
  • Supply current at 6V (2000mW x 3 = 6W / 6V = 1 Ampere)


  • Height: 32mm
  • Width: 74mm
  • Length: 100mm
  • Weight: 280 grams