Company profile

Drones and other unmanned vehicles have been of avid interest for the past several years, but large-scale adoption of such technologies is yet to be seen. We envision a day when unmanned vehicles create value and solve a wide range of tasks unimaginable today. One of the key challenges in attaining this vision is to ensure that each element in the supply chain is professionalised, and that's the target we set out to achieve when we founded UAV Components.

Over the past 3 years, UAV Components has grown from a small start-up company to a well-established supplier of professional unmanned solutions to some of the leading developers and manufacturers in the world. We are very focused on both the development and production of high-quality products found in more than thousands of “drones” in operation today.

Our development and production unit is located in the outskirts of Copenhagen and is just a 15-minute drive from one of the busiest airports in Northern Europe. However, we are an international organisation that serves many nationalities and has international partnerships with research institutions and integrators. Our partnerships are critical in our daily work, as we believe that strategic partnerships are vital in an industry such as unmanned technology.

Today, our offerings are divided into ‘Control Systems’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Electronics’, which are all designed and developed by our own internal experts in cooperation with international research institutions. Besides from our internal design and development teams, we benefit from an international, flexible production setup which enables us to scale up the production capacity to accommodate the demands of our customers.

We believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is to spread the knowledge and skills required to enable innovations that take the industry forward. Therefore, we actively take the responsibility of educating the next generation engineers and participating in knowledge sharing sessions with educational institutions.

As of today, UAV Components is 100% privately funded, giving us the freedom to operate swiftly within an industry, by changing and growing rapidly. Therefore, we encourage anyone to pitch a project or idea to us in the hope that we can help you succeed in your endeavours.