Micro UART/CAN Servos

Servos have always played a big part in most robotic applications, but unfortunately, the communication standards haven’t changed since the time all decoding was done using analogue electronics. By supporting CAN and UART in our servos, we now offer a fast, reliable and, most importantly, bi-directional connection. Feedback from the servos improves the reliability of the overall system by being able to inform the autopilot of any potential wear or errors. A broad range of user modifiable settings ensures that the servos are easily customisable for a wide spectrum of applications.

Micro UART/CAN Servo Features

  • CANbus and UART support
  • Wide input voltage range – 3, 3V - 16, 5 V
  • Robust aluminium case, metal gears, ball bearings, coreless motor
  • Compact size – 23 x 12 x 27,5 mm
  • Torque – 3.1 kg/cm at 6 V
  • Speed – 0.06 sec/60° at 6 V
  • Weight – 20 gm
  • Optional 14-bit encoder with 360-degree freedom
  • 1500Hz update rate
  • Support for multiple devices on the same UART/CANbus
  • Hardcoded unique ID for the identification and tracking of mechanical and electronic components
  • User definable ID name, centre and limit positions, motor power, torque limit and PID values
  • Real-time information regarding position, torque, speed, temperature, input power, motor power output and many other parameters
  • Logging of run time and servo wear and Notifications with warning and error messages

Libraries for controlling and setting up servos are available on ChibiOS and Arduino platforms.