Mini ESC

Making a proper ESC has been a heartfelt project for many years at UAV Components. Most ESCs use a servo PWM to indicate the needed duty cycle on the commutation of the motor. Our ESC supports this input as well, but it is mainly intended to be used with CANbus or UART, which is much faster, noise proof and bidirectional. When the ESC is running, it can report its ERPM, current and overall status to ensure proper operation. Besides the improved communication scheme, our ESC offers Field Oriented Control (FOC) commutation. Its advantages over conventional trapezoidal commutation include improved efficiency and motor noise and tighter reaction (both when accelerating and decelerating). All the required motor parameters can be detected by a powerful auto-detect algorithm.

Mini ESC features:

  • CANbus and UART support
  • Wide input voltage range ā€“ 7Vā€“54 V
  • 30 A continuous, 40 A peak current rating
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Optional position and temperature sensor
  • Sensored and Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • High torque and smooth start operation of the motor
  • Regenerative braking with current control
  • Safety features include overcurrent, overvoltage and high-temperature protection and
  • Easy to use auto-detect algorithm and configuration GUI